Troop 285 Gear Care Guide

These tips are provided when you check gear out from the quartermaster. Treat troop and your own equipment correctly and it will last a long time. Abuse your equipment and it will let you down when you least expect it.


  • No flame in tents
  • Immediately open tent when you get home from the campout to ensure it is totally dry before you repack it. If it is wet and rolled up it will mildew and will have to be thrown away
  • Sweep out the inside
  • Wash off any dirt or mud
  • Report any damage or lost items to the quartermaster
  • Fold the tent instead of stuffing it when placing in the tent sack

Sleeping bag

  • Avoid compressing your bag for an extended period as it will reduce the bag's loft limiting its insulating capacity
  • Air out the sleeping bag after use
  • If it needs to be washed use a front loader washing machine and not an agitator type machine.


  • Give the hiking pack a thorough cleaning before you return it.
  • Use a vacuum on the inside of your pack, and then wipe down the outside with a damp cloth and mild soap or chemical-free detergent.
  • Hose it off with cold water until no soap remains, and hang-dry your pack upside down in a shady or well-ventilated spot out of the sun.