Earn Merit Badges

Merit Badges and the school year

As an integral part of the maturity process, all scouts must learn to master the “art” of setting attainable goals and time management. One way a family can foster growth in the process is to have a discussion of goals for merit badges to earn during the school year.
The following merit badges lend themselves to be earned during the school year:

  • Art
  • Athletics (most scouts participate in team sports)
  • Chemistry
  • Coin Collecting
  • Collections
  • Computers
  • Journalism
  • Music (many scouts are in band/orchestra)
  • Pets
  • Reading (Mandatory in Troop 285)
  • Scholarship (Mandatory in Troop 285)
  • Snow Sports (many families go to Colorado/New Mexico)
  • Sports
  • Stamp Collecting